Our Story

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Where it all began…

Eat Savvi began with a Dietitian who had a strong passion for helping his clients find healthy food products in major Australian supermarkets as a way to help them improve their shopping, eating and cooking habits. And inspiring them to be creative in how they use them along the way.

He believes food doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, trendy superfood in order to be beneficial for our health. Regular food products found at our local supermarkets can help improve our health too. It’s just a case of knowing which ones to buy. This can be tricky though considering the extensive range of options available. Enter Eat Savvi’s first mission.

Sadly, this Dietitian witnessed lots of these great healthy food products didn’t last long on the supermarket shelves, as people either didn’t know how good they were or didn’t know how to use them. Enter Eat Savvi’s second mission.

In 2020, this Dietitian decided to launch Eat Savvi as a bridge between people like you, healthy shopping, eating and cooking. We want to make it easier for you to navigate the supermarket shelves, equip you with the knowledge to shop for better health, and to introduce you to some excellent products to add to your weekly shop, some of which you may not have even realised were there.

What do we do?

We create videos and publish scientifically-backed blog posts to help inform, educate and inspire you to shop and eat healthily in a way that doesn’t necessarily have to break the budget.

Who are we?

Tuo, Founder & Lead Dietitian

Eat Savvi is led by Accredited Practising Dietitian & Nutrionist Tuo Tao. When he’s not blogging and recording videos for Eat Savvi, or hunting through the supermarket aisles for his next product recommendations, he offers nutrition consultations through his private practice in the Western Sydney area in Australia.

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